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DE1-SoC: Using SSH keys

The standard Linux SD-Card images that you can get for the DE1-SoC board from the Terasic website have the SSH daemon enabled by default. Through this SSH connection it is possible to log in from a remote terminal or upload files SCP. However, by default you always have to enter a password.

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DE1-SoC: A better makefile

I created a new Makefile from scratch for compiling the Linux programs for the Cyclone V SoC. The Makefile is able to handle both C and C++ files. The Makefile will create a dedicated build directory where all object and binary files are stored in order to keep the project directory clean.

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Disabling Touchscreen in Windows 8.1

If you happen to have a convertible notebook that features a digitalizer pen input such as the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga you will find out that it can be rather annoying to write with these things using the pen. The touchscreen that works without the pen (finger touch input) is disabled as soon as the …

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